3G Agent pledged with our clients to select the excellent and qualified candidates are our top priority. As well as fulfilling notable requirements, our Company securely facilitates every transaction in order to ensure contentment amongst candidates and clients.

Our main goal is to deliver high-performance results in handling the best candidates. Searching out for leaders or senior executives as clients required, involves outstanding access and pristine judgment which are our qualities. Regarding to testimonials and experiences within recruitment field, it can be guaranteed that 3G Agent is a specialist in recruitment.

Our expertise is not only about acknowledging those who succeed and possess advantageous skills but we reassure also that they are compatible with company’s culture. We emphasize citing skills and knowledge, in purpose to meet clients’ needs and identify candidates’ specific role within a work field. We have owned database system of the right candidates from officer, senior and executive positions to the top management with many sectors such as Banking, Microfinance, Construction, Engineering, Trading, Hospitality, and other investment sectors too.

Our Service in Firt-Start Processing

At first, we will try to understand everything about your company. What exactly does your company do? What are the services or products, you are currently dealing with? Always try to work on these points first, before you get to the vital answers. After gaining every kind of information we need, from your side, we will provide you with the best candidates. From selecting the candidates to making the right choice, there are loads of options available, and we are happy to help.

Other sources should be provided us:

  • Your Company's profile
  • Budget could you offer to candidates
  • Details of Career opportunities (JR&JD)
  • How many candidates do you need?
  • Other Benefits will your industry offered to candidates
  • .......

3 Main types of our Recruitment Services

You have so many thoughts in your mind, when it comes to candidates for your firms. And with us by your side, you will always find the best over here. Our team is all settled and ready to rock the world with the finest recruitment procedure, just for your service.


Getting someone who’s specialized and our Recruitment Service strives for GMs, CEOs, MDs CFOs and executives as clients requested. Matching availability and interest of candidates plus carrying out interviews, screening, assessment and contracts are our primary duties.


The name speaks for itself, as a headhunter service we hunt for 'the best yet difficult to find' individuals. As clients requested, we proceed by targeting types of company to search and headhunt within those companies. We strongly reassure that client identities and information will be classified.


We have a specialist team for providing consultation to all partners on how strengthen their talents for improving their performance to satisfice the Company goal and also provided on a behalf of your outsourcing partner. We offer a helping hand in purpose to allow a certain company to finish business activities and leave other jobs with us. Like we said, it’s our specialty!

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