Since Establishment, We're a Professional Service Provider specializing in Recruitment, Training, Job-Posting, Outsourcing, HR & Business Improvement and Legal Compliance. As our expert teams are experienced-based professional within multi-industries so that we could support both employees and employers to make their life a meaningful success. This approach leads to greater outreach and social impact, positioning 3G AGENT as a unique and highly competitive recruitment agency with a clear strategic intent for poverty alleviation.

Banking and Financial Industries

Other Business Industries

Why partner with 3G AGENT?

The sector specialist

Our focus on the professional services industry enables us to provide expertise in this specific vertical.

Why we are specials

Throughout our expertise and experiences, we closely work, listen and provide our clients included SME and Corporate companies with valuable, update-to-date and necessary concepts and tools on people development so that they could stay on top of today competitive market.

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Strong international presence

With our ASEAN team we collaborate closely with clients to achieve tangible business transformation. Working out of our professional teams, we offer integration and delivery services.

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